ADA Doors

Motiongate Systems has a wide variety of ADA Door operators and access control systems for your facility to be compliant and draw more traffic to your business or facility.  ADA doors are not just for hospitals and other medical facilities.  People with disabilities control $1 trillion in total annual income.  They have friends, family members, and business colleagues who accompany them to events and outings.  And they use businesses and facilities that are accessible to them.

How can businesses provide access to people with disabilities?  They can start by automatically opening their doors to them.  Accessible doors welcome everyone and they are increasingly required by law.

Legal Requirements for Doors

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers a wide variety of private businesses, as well as all the agencies of state and local governments.  The ADA requires that these entities provide access to their programs, goods and services.

Businesses or buildings that are open or offer services to the general public are called “places of public accommodation” by the ADA. Places of public accommodation and buildings constructed by state or local governments must be fully accessible to people with disabilities if built after January 26, 1992.

State and local governments must also take steps to ensure access to the programs and activities they offer in an accessible facilities.

In addition, state and local building codes may require different or additional accessibility features.

Which doors should be accessible?

At least one door should be accessible at these locations:

  • Each accessible entrance (at least 60% of public entrances in newly built facilities must be accessible to individuals who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments).
  • Each tenant space in a mall or other building with multiple business
  • Accessible rooms and spaces within buildings.
  • Entrances to buildings from all parking structures, tunnels or elevated
  • At least one restricted or secured entrance (if applicable).
  • Along each building’s required route of escape or
  • Public entrances serving different fixed routes within transit

Please contact us to consult about a new automatic ADA door installation, service or if you are just looking for more information about them.

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